The Wild Fields (2018)


The protagonist, Herman has to come back to his native Donbass after years spent away. He has to look into the case of his brother’s sudden disappearance. Herman meets real and unreal characters, his childhood friends and the local mafia. And suddenly, to his own surprise, he decides to stay in his native town with people who love and believe him and need his defense.

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Release Date: 2018-11-08
Status: Released
Production Studio : Limelite, Film Brut
Production Country: Ukraine


Олег Москаленко
as Герман
Aleksey Gorbunov
as Pastor
Володимир Ямненко
as Коча
Руслана Хазіпова
as Оля
Євгенія Муц
as Катя
Georgiy Povolotskiy
as Травма
Ігор Портянко
as Ніколай Ніколаєвич


Directing Ярослав Лодигін Director